With a deep spiritual and empirical connection to classical Indian music, Yaman disentangles the chronologies of the past and the present of Nitya and Vishal decade long relationship.

Inspired by real events depicting the evolving Australian underworld, The Ghans is a crime drama based on migrant gang operations set against the dark backdrop of Sydney’s seedy urban districts.

Based around real events, a young Kenyan man with albinism stops at nothing to rescue a young boy that is kidnapped by a powerful witch-doctor who intends using his body parts in traditional medicine.

Based on the true story of a British man who gave up his diplomatic post to live in an Indian village and create a junior rugby league team, which eventually went on to win the under 18’s world cup in Europe in 2007.

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A tale of a young boy discovering the key to repairing his spirits after the death of his mother. Hameed, Rashida, and Usman find the perfect pet, despite him being supposedly extinct.

The biopic life story of Kash Gill and his rise through adversary to become Britian’s first kickboxing world champion four-times over.