Photography provided by Jared Chambers

Picture Works, Australia is a boutique production house with a strong emphasis on going beyond the language barrier to provide international filmmakers a niche platform to tell their stories and reach a global audience.

Picture Works Australia has over the years established important associations and partnerships with international studios, distributors and sales agents to ensure all our in-house productions and co-productions are strategically positioned for the ever growing requirements and demand of quality content in all media platforms.

We are proud to represent an array of brilliant and internationally experienced directors, writers, producers and technical associates to ensure hi-end production quality as well as financially and critically viable productions.


Our Mission

Our emphasis is on virtuous and wholesome film-making whilst exciting and inspiring audiences through insightful and innovative story-telling. We also have a strong emphasis on profitable financial gains for our investors aligned with a culture and commitment to complete transparency.

Media being one of the most powerful tools of influence in history and to some extent responsible for creating history, is at our disposal. 

Peppered with optimism and compassion, Picture Works Australia’s philosophy remains with its ambition of continual contribution to the arts, for it is with the arts that the legacy of every culture has remained alive.  With this legacy, we hope to attribute not just the lasting impressions of film to history, but to cultivate an environment that will work with shifting that culture to the humans of the future.  

Our Goal

Our goal is to produce films that are a form of art, not merely to entertain, but to provoke emotion and reflection, sometimes incite action, but mostly to have long-lasting effects on those who experience them and hopefully to bring about change in their lives. 

Picture Works Australia is comprised of a committed group of industry professionals who have an intense enthusiasm and devotion to film and a desire to work together to tell stories of significance, which participate in the emerging culture of storytellers from around the world.

We seek to create unforgettable moments that remind others of our common humanity, to inspire, encourage, comfort, expose, challenge and to bear witness in our works to the reality, the beauty, the excitement and the mystery of life.

We don’t make movies to make money, we make money to make more movies.
— Walt Disney